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Cleanse. Foaming Facial Cleanser.


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Wash. Rinse. Cleanse.

From flower to bottle, this cleanser is gentle enough for sensitive skin but tough enough to wash away the day.

product description

Use our foaming facial cleanser daily for fresh, smooth and soft skin! From flower to bottle, this cleanser is gentle enough for sensitive skin but tough enough to wash away the day. Just one wash and it’s sure to be your favorite!

For best results, use along with our entire Raw Facial Care System.

Ingredients: Water, Lavender flowers, Calendula Flowers, Roses, Chamomile flowers, lavender essential oil, Potassium Oleate (Derived from Organic Sunflower Oil), Potassium Cocoate (Derived from Organic Coconut OIl), Glycerin (Organic), Potassium Citrate , Potassium Palm Kernelate (Derived from Palm Kernal Oil), Palm Kernal Acid (Derived from Palm Oil).

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7 reviews for Cleanse. Foaming Facial Cleanser.

  1. Katie Powers

    Cleanse is the best face wash I have ever used. You do not need to use much and the feeling when you are done is so refreshing!

  2. Renee

    This has been the best product I have purchased for my skin in a long time. It has helped clear up my troublesome acne and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. It only takes a small amount so a bottle lasts a long time, the scent is pleasant and overall it just works!!

  3. Vanessa

    This is the only face wash I buy over and over again. It does a good job removing makeup and makes my skin feel squeaky clean!

  4. Sarah B

    This foam cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed! Best of all it is safe to use on those dang eyelash extensions, which a win win in my book! This paired with the glow exfoliatiant will do your skin wonders.

  5. Kayla

    Cleanse is a great lathering face wash,one pump is all you need to remove all the makeup and dirt from the day. It leaves my skin feeling great!

  6. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    For someone who has struggled with acne since middle school, finding this product has been ‘skin changing’. I broke out for a little bit after starting to use the product, but that has since stopped! It’s not just a temporary fix for acne, but I feel that this face wash is really helping rid the extra oil from my face make for a clearer, brighter complexion!

  7. lillchen72

    I bought the foam cleanser the toner and the renew. I was worried that the ingredients are all oils. My face is oily all ready why use more oil. Well Sara explained we have to use oil to fight oil. To balance the oil on our face. She can explain it better. Anyways it works. The cleanser cleans the toner feels great on my face I can’t say its toned just yet too soon same for the renew. They all feel amazing on my face. The smell is great very relaxing. My face feels soft not oily. Thanks Sara.

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