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Raw. Pure. Clean. Fresh. Natural.

At RAW, we loveyou.nature.the world we live in.things that are simple.

All of our products are created with simple, safe and natural ingredients.

Did you accidentally take a bite because it smells so good?

No problem, all ingredients are nontoxic. 

Planning to use your RAW products on your next camping trip?

That's okay, they are safe for Mother Nature.

Giving Back

A portion of all profits go back to help the people, animals and plants around you.

Dr. Haabala
Dr. Kristen Haabala

Founded by Dr. Kristen Haabala

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Haabala has always had a passion for nature, studying the healing effects of plants, and making homemade natural products for herself and her family.  In her practice, she focuses on helping her patients to facilitate their own healing from the inside out.  She also emphasizes that what you put on the outside of your body affects your health as well.


Raw products was developed to provide her patients with safe, effective, and nontoxic skin care and stress relieving options, with ingredients that come from nature.  After years of creating recipes, she is now excited to share them with You!  All products are made by hand with love by Dr. Haabala herself.


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