Raw Winter Skin

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raw winter package.png

Raw Winter Skin


If you are a local, this package is a MUST!  Although winter can be beautiful, it can leave you with some irritated dry and chapped skin.  Put a stop to it with our Raw Winter skin package! We've included everything you need to deeply nourish and heal your skin from head to toe; our 'Soothe' Face and Body Lotion, a 'Heal' tub to focus on the areas that need extra care, a 'Heal' Stick for when you're on the go, and a Lip balm for those chapped lips!  Your skin will thank you!

Included in this package:

-Soothe Face and Body Lotion (in the scent of your choosing)

-Heal Tub

-Heal Stick

-Lip Balm     

Lotion Scent:
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